Exhilarating passion, incomparable vocal range, and electrifying energy are just a few things that make up Philly-based artist Zeek Burse. He's overcome countless obstacles on his way to success. Working both on and off the stage to evoke a message of equality, unity, and understanding for all humans, Zeek continually challenges himself to create art for vulnerable people with the goal of making them feel safe.

From the age of five, Zeek knew he wanted to be a singer, and spent his childhood working on his craft. He has a unique perspective having been raised in the church and taught the artistry by his musical parents. Zeek is used to collaborating, as he was part of his family’s band from a very young age. His earliest musical influences include Ella Fitzgerald, Marvin Gaye, Prince, Michael Jackson, and Jeff Buckley. Self-taught, an avid reader as well as tinkerer, Zeek likes to figure things out and this philosophy has served him well as he’s worked his way up from singing at open mics to headlining at numerous music festivals. The past two years have seen Zeek’s star rise as he performed at the Firefly Festival 2018, SXSW 2018 & 2019, and WXPN’s XPoNential Music Festival in 2019. Zeek also has performed internationally in London, Paris and Italy. Learn more at zeekburse.com.

Tickets are $75 per car and limited to 5 passengers per car (not including children under 12).

This concert will be recorded live! Preorder the limited release of Zeek Burse Live at People’s Light for $25. CD proceeds benefit the Black Theatre Alliance of Philadelphia (BTAP), a coalition committed to supporting and uplifting the Black theatre artists in the Greater Philadelphia area while challenging and encouraging the Greater Philadelphia theatre community to be more proactive in their commitment to equity and equality. Learn more at blacktheatrephiladelphia.org and follow on Instagram @btaphilly.



Ticket Info:

Drive-In Concert tickets are $75 per car and limited to 5 passengers per car (not including children under 12). There are no physical tickets for these events. Attendees will receive a confirmation email receipt immediately following purchase, as well as a reminder email with more details a few days before a concert. The rain date for this event is Thursday, October 10th at 6:30pm.

Health and Safety:

These concerts are designed for small groups within the same “social bubble” to safely enjoy outdoor entertainment together. Tickets are limited and social distancing is enforced. Each vehicle is limited to 5 people or less and assigned a parking spot and adjacent "Home Space" for setting up lawn chairs. We require concert attendees to remain in their designated area as much as possible and avoid mingling with other parties.

Face masks are required on our campus and may only be removed inside a vehicle or Home Space. People’s Light staff will be masked at all times and maintain a 6-foot distance from each other and our guests. We have protocols in place for disinfecting spaces, surfaces, and equipment used by musicians and staff.

Show Info:

The concert will take place in the back parking lot of the People's Light campus at 39 Conestoga Road, Malvern, PA. The show will be one 75 to 90-minute set with no "opener". It is our goal to start and end on time. Zeek Burse will perform on a raised stage at the back of the lot.

When You Arrive:

Please plan to arrive between 3 and 3:30pm so we can get everyone parked in time for the 4pm concert. 

A masked attendant will greet you at a 6-foot distance when you arrive. Please be prepared to wear a mask and provide your name so we can check your ticket status. Your car will be assigned a number, which will be adhered to your back windshield by the attendant. This is to assist in food delivery for those who pre-ordered from our on-site restaurant, and is also a helpful safety measure.  

Parking attendants will guide you to a parking space. Cars will be parked based on the size of the vehicle. Lower cars in front, bigger vehicles in the back. You will not be allowed to move your vehicle once you’ve parked. Vehicles that don’t fit in a parking space (such as campers or oversized trucks) will not be allowed entry. Your view of the stage will be dependent on your location and the number of large vehicles in the lot, so we encourage you to bring your smallest vehicle!

Your Home Space:

Every vehicle will be assigned a "Home Space", an adjacent parking spot where you can set up lawn chairs. This space will be on the DRIVER’S SIDE of your vehicle, assuming you parked facing the stage. This is not a space intended for mingling with those outside your party. Per current PA regulations, you need to either be in your vehicle or immediately adjacent to it. No walking around or visiting neighbors.

Food and Beverages:

You can pre-order food and drinks from The Farmhouse at People’s Light (and yes, this includes alcoholic beverages!) Specific instructions will be emailed to concert ticket holders, along with a 10% discount code. Outside alcohol is prohibited. 

Face Masks:

Face masks are required on our campus and may only be removed in your car or Home Space. We ask that all concert attendees wear a mask and maintain a 6-foot distance when interacting with anyone outside your party. People’s Light staff will be masked at all times, and Farmhouse staff will be masked and gloved.


People’s Light Drive-In Concerts are now linked to Listen Technologies’ Listen EVERYWHERE App, allowing us to livestream audio from our sound system directly to your smart phone. Click here for more info.


There will be one standard portable toilet, one ADA-compliant portable toilet, and one wash station located in the parking lot. We require face masks (and suggest gloves!) when walking to and using the facilities. Click here for best practices when using public restrooms.

Car Idling:

Please turn off your car when you park. We do not encourage people to sit in a car that is idling for more than ten minutes. (But don't forget to turn your lights back on at the end of the night!)


We do not allow smoking anywhere on our property at this time. This includes cigarettes, cigars, and cannabis.


We love our pups here at People’s Light, but for liability and insurance reasons we cannot allow them on the property during our outdoor events.


If you have food or drinks delivered to your Home Space, we will give you a plastic bag to put your trash in. It would be a big help if you could take your trash home. If you don’t want to do that, please tie up your trash in the bag and leave it in your Home Space. We will pick up garbage when the parking lot is empty.

A big thank you to our sponsors: 

Pat & Jane Lusk
Katie & Bill McNabb
Point Entertainment

DBS Audio Systems