Santiago Tonauac Castro Bahena

(He/him) People's Light debut. Santiago Tonauac Castro Bahena is a Latinx {Mexican-Cuban}
Indigenous {Tlahuica-Aztec}, two spirit, queer multidisciplinary artist who ventures towards the
unknown. He writes and creates on war, cyclical existence, love, and the LATINX experience/
community. His artistic practice strives to meditate on the existential, and magical realism bringing light to marginalized voices. Santi’s work pushes audiences to question the modes that they take in theatre and media by transcending language expectations and embracing bilingual dialogues. He was chosen to present his work
at PlayPenn’s 2022 Annual Playwriting Conference, is a 2019 YoungArts Finalist in Playwriting, and a 2019 Semifinalist Presidential Scholar of the Arts. Santiago works with the Philadelphia Art Museum, Mural Arts and various
Philly theatres. His poetry and visual art has been published with Toho publishing, Queerbook, and Tilted House. Website: