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The New York Times

"I am frightened, as we all are, about things we can’t control. Often drama comes out of people in moments they’ve lost control of. It’s very interesting to watch someone try and cope with what the world is throwing at them."



"I’m interested in writing about how I perceive the wider world around me and what we are being consumed with. What are we all spending our time and concerns with, what are we troubled by and wrestling with so that means that by definition those are social issues, aren’t they? Large social issues."


Sloan Science & Film

"It became very clear in my head that there was a way of talking about human intervention in the environment, the brilliant inventions that our brains have created over the course of human history, and what the consequences, responsibilities, and expected outcomes of those are and how to grapple with them. I think this is something we are dealing with in a much broader way in our culture right now."


2016 Post-Show Talk (Royal Court Theatre)

"We have a finite planet. So the play was always a bit about the battle between wanting more and looking at what you can actually have."

"There's lots of questions in the play about agency – what is the state of being a child? The state of being a child is to be powerless, to feel like you can't affect your world, and the whole play is a conversation about how we affect our world."