"Mud Row was incredible. Such an amazingly talented cast!!! The dialogue was smooth and real, each character had a distinctive voice. I want to see it again."

"This show touched every part of my soul. It rang so close to home and what my family has been through living in West Chester for over 100 years."

"What a gem. Best of the season."

"Go! Strong cast, with surprises & humor woven artfully through a poignant plot."

"A beautiful story."

"Magnificent — I've been a subscriber for decades, and this was something special."

“Bravo! A riveting, fantastic play with incredible acting that needs to be seen by all! This needs to be on Broadway.”

"Absolutely superb acting."

"Dominique's plays take my breath away."

"I'm so glad it was extended because we're coming back."

"Surprisingly uplifting."

"Such an incredible, profound, challenging examination of history, community, identity, family. Amazing cast and design, impeccably directed. Don’t miss it!!"

"One of the best plays I've ever seen."

"I was not prepared for how deeply it would move me. The set was stunning, the writing was phenomenal, the acting so raw... I can't get over the impeccable set. I cannot encourage you enough... get tickets to see Mud Row immediately."

"It was very touching, very complex and well done."

"Awesome performance by the most talented actors and actresses."

“I love that it is locally relevant but can also apply to anyone.”

"The most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve lived in West Chester my whole life, and I didn’t know about any of this."

"What a writer, what a cast, and what great staging! Morisseau is a succinct and emotional writer whose characters are multi-dimensional, surprising and evolving... and the cast was incredible. Their physical presence, humor and emotional vulnerability engaged me from the first scenes."

"That was something I'll never forget."


Mud Row has been extended through Sunday, August 4! Click here for tickets and more info.