“I am still marveling at the intricate staging and set design of Anne Frank. Not to be overlooked is the strong, emotional acting of the entire cast of characters. I simply loved it and want to see it a second time. Do not miss this production." – Lynn M.

“Everyone should go see this. It was one of the best plays l have seen.” – Judy B. 

“Wonderful! Took my kids. While it is a heavy topic they are still talking about it with me this morning - it is sticking with them and creating a great dialogue about humanity!” – Meg K. 

"The audience reflected our community in full, and the conversations overheard stirred my heart. It was clear that this particular staging touched people deeply, from those seeing it for the first time to those who have seen numerous versions of this story. The freshness of the approach, the tenderness of the moments conveyed, the urgency of the lighting, sound and design team, the detailed timelines and "conversations" between the actors and those whom they portrayed and, of course, the perfect pacing of the direction make this remarkable." – Nia M.

“This was especially touching for me since the anniversary of my father's death was recently. He and my mother were both Concentration Camp survivors, my dad being shipped around and having spent time at two of the camps that Otto Frank had been imprisoned at as well. Please continue to bring productions that showcase adversity and reality so that we may have an opportunity to learn and grow in humanity.” – Irv R.

“It was phenomenal. I will highly recommend it to my friends.” – Linda K.

"When you scroll past videos of Syrian refugees, when death tolls become swirling numbers on a page, when no news shocks you anymore ... theater forces you to sit in a room and feel the fear of a group trapped in hiding, to recognize the pure humanity of people who have become history’s caricatures, and to face the utter tragedy of even one life lost to bigotry. Thank you Brittany Anikka Liu (Anne Frank) and People's Light for your stunning, detailed, and powerful interpretation of this story. I feel like I have truly heard and felt it for the first time.” – Courtney L.

“It was the most moving experience for me in all of my time coming to People’s Light.” – shared by a patron during one of our post-show lobby chats

“Immensely powerful.” – Melody D. 

“We attended the production on Anne Frank yesterday with our 12 year old granddaughter and her friend. We had talked about the story and answered questions. The production was wonderful. They had more questions afterward and want to read the book.” – Liz M.

“My son attended The Diary of Anne Frank with his school. When I picked him up that afternoon he told me he thought the play was great and asked if would I go back with him to see it again. I immediately said yes and my husband joined us as well. The show was riveting, touching, powerful and memorable. The superb cast made the characters come to life. This was my first play at People's Light and it won't be my last. Bravo.” – Tina F.

“Great show - very well done - set was amazing, costumes were special and the acting was superb! Thank you so much for continuing to do outstanding theatre productions!” – Sara F.

“We brought our 16-year-old son to see the show for his birthday present. He had read the book last year in school, so Anne Frank was familiar to him. We were beyond impressed with the production and the performers! It was very well done. We will definitely be checking your website often for more opportunities to see great entertainment. Thank you very much for all of your hard work!” – Kimberly P.

“My granddaughter and I attended the production of The Diary of Anne Frank yesterday, and we were just spellbound! Thank you for a wonderful, thoughtful, fabulous afternoon.” – Linda N.

“We're longtime subscribers and are always amazed by the productions! Last night's Diary of Anne Frank was no exception. What an inspirational performance with a stellar cast, high production values, excellent direction, and a terrific Talkback afterwards! This is the finest production of the play that I've ever seen -- it's a "must-see" for everyone because this same type of thing is happening all over the world today. Man's inhumanity to his fellow man is forcing people to escape, go into hiding and suffer unimaginable horror in an effort to survive persecution and genocide. Thank you PLTC for once again presenting a thought-provoking and superb show!” – Robert M.

The Diary of Anne Frank at People's Light is exceptional. Brittany Liu shines as Anne. The rest of the cast is spectacular and the set design is stellar.” – Maria H.

“I loved this production. Saw the play and the movie many times, taught the book years ago in the city schools ... enjoyed the People's Light production with my 11 year old granddaughter last weekend. It is a play everyone should see.” – Judy P.

“As sad as this true story is, Anne's story is portrayed expertly. A must see.” – Susan S.

“What an amazing cast of actors! Everyone should go and see this.” – Sharon H.

“My 12-year-old son and I saw the play today. Anne Frank’s words never lose their power or relevancy. This was an especially moving production.” – Jennifer L.

“The acting, set, content was so moving. As usual, PLT gave us a stellar performance. Keep this story alive.” – Deb H.

“A sensitive production that is emotional and thought provoking. The staging and the decision for the cast to remain on stage during the intermission are both great production values.The focus on deportation makes the production even more relevant.” – Lawrence H.

“The show is exquisite. The actors untouchable, phenomenal. Anne Frank is alive in Malvern.” – Loretta G.


Thank you to everyone who shared their experience with us. If you'd like to share yours, use our contact form. We'd love to hear from you.