Hurricane Diane Book Club: 
The Song of Achilles 
by Madeline Miller

Saturday, May 18 at 1pm: Virtual chat with Madeline Miller on Zoom - click here to join the Zoom

Sunday, May 19 at 3:45pm (after the Hurricane Diane matinee performance*): In-person The Song of Achilles discussion at People's Light
In the library — located in the Congdon Center, the 2nd building on our campus

Surrounding the run of Hurricane Diane, we have partnered with several Chester County libraries to encourage the reading of The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller, an award-winning book experiencing challenges and removals across the country. Visit your local library to check out the book and learn more about library-specific events.

*You do NOT need to attend this matinee performance to join us for the book discussion at 3:45.

According to the American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom, 4,240 unique book titles were targeted for censorship in 2023, a 92% increase from 2022. Novels from influential authors such as Toni Morrison, Harper Lee, and Mark Twain are being challenged, pulled from shelves, and removed from curriculum, across the country. Stories like Hurricane Diane that feature diverse narratives and characters are facing particular pushback. To protect endangered stories and raise awareness about book banning, People’s Light is proud to be a Book Sanctuary! Book Sanctuaries are organizations or individuals committed to educating their communities about the history of book banning, as well as collecting and protecting endangered books. To learn more about Book Sanctuaries, visit