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Crushed Earth
November 1 December 19
Crushed Earth
November 1 December 19
World Premiere
November 1-December 19, 2023
By Deepa Purohit & Sanjit De Silva Directed by Sanjit De Silva Recorded by Vrialto Inc. Streaming
A Free, Immersive Audio Play

In the middle of June, a snowstorm hits the County. Chëlilis is homesick, Gayatri's eyes are getting worse, and Sheriff Fred's caught in the center of the maelstrom. As the snow threatens to put the County in disarray, their journeys unexpectedly intersect as they search for a way home.

This Immersive Audio World Premiere is presented in association with Vrialto Inc., Theatre Horizon, and Hedgerow Theatre

Read our Land Acknowledgement here.

Headphones Recommended

Crushed Earth is a binaural recording, which means listeners will experience sound above, behind, and all around them when listening through headphones. Unlike traditional recordings, this creates an immersive, 3D audio effect that places you inside each environment as if you were there live.

Any pair of headphones will work. Nothing fancy needed!

Cast and Creative Team
Playwright & Director | Appupah, Newscaster, Voice
Sheriff Fredrick
Heather Red Wing
Gary Quiet Owl, Mesingw
Nell Bang-Jensen
Lead Producer
Zak Berkman
Lead Producer
Joshua Kobak
Sound Design, Director of Capture
Katy Pfaffl
Production Manager, Assistant Director of Capture
James Macomber
Recording Engineer
Jonny Massena
System Design, Technical Director
Alexis Wells
Stage Manager
Ishan De Silva
Macks Lerman
"I Remember the Earth"
Song written by Red Blanket Singers | Sung by Opalanietet
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