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2020/2021 Season FAQs
Have productions been cancelled?

Mushroom, A Christmas Carol, and Bayard Rustin: Inside Ashland have been postponed to the 2021/2022 Season. We don't yet know if or when Tea with the Boss (formerly titled Vivie) and A Raisin in the Sun will be rescheduled. 

What productions are being staged in 2020/2021?

Two or three filmed productions will kick off our 2020/2021 season, but titles are forthcoming. Staged productions will hopefully resume in March 2021 and include Walden, Personality: The Lloyd Price Musical, Steel Magnolias, Sherlock Holmes and the Raven’s Curse, and another production in Spring 2021 TBD.

What are the new dates for next season's plays?

Dates are still tentative. We will update you as soon as we have a confirmed production calendar.

What happens to my tickets as a...
Full season subscriber? (6, 7, or 8-Play Packages)

As a full season subscriber, you are automatically rolled over into the entirety of the season. Your package includes access to the digitally streamed filmed productions and all five staged productions. 

Pick subscriber?

If you are a Pick 5 subscriber who wishes to see 5 plays, you don’t need to take any further action. Your package will automatically include all 5 staged productions next season.

If you have a Pick 3 or Pick 4 package, you might need to let us know which productions you plan to attend if your package includes productions that are no longer happening next season. You are welcome to wait until we announce the Spring TBD production to make your final selections, which is likely to be late November or early December.

Please note: Pick subscribers can choose from live productions only. Our ticket system is not able to redeem Pick subscriptions into digital offerings. If you would like to seamlessly incorporate access to filmed productions into your subscription, we suggest exchanging into a People's Pass subscription.

People's Pass subscriber?

The People’s Pass is our most flexible subscription option. New as of this season, your passes are valid for all digitally streamed productions AND staged productions in both the 2020/2021 & 2021/2022 Seasons. If you already redeemed your Passes into a production we are no longer doing, we will automatically release those tickets for you to redeem into another filmed or staged production at your convenience. You don't need to take any action at this time. 

Subscription Questions
Do I need to let you know what I want to do with my subscription? How long do I have to decide?

If you are comfortable keeping your subscription as it is and have the means to do so, we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to show you what we have in store for next season before you make a decision. We will be in touch with all of our subscribers as we know more. 

What if I don’t want to attend next season or can’t attend the new dates?

We understand that this is a big shift from what we had originally announced and respect all personal decisions regarding your patronage at People's Light. If you do not feel comfortable attending productions as early as March, if the new productions are not to your liking, or if the performance dates no longer fit your schedule, we are more than happy to arrange a full or partial refund.

What if I’m a full season subscriber but don’t want to see plays digitally?

If streaming filmed productions is not to your liking, we understand. Our Box Office staff is equipped to arrange free exchanges into other productions or subscription types. While we hope you will join us digitally and in person next season, if nothing suits your tastes, we can arrange a full or partial refund.

I was a 2019/2020 Season subscriber and haven’t renewed. Can I still renew and keep my seats?

Yes! You still have time to renew and keep your seats for the 2020/2021 Season. Please contact our Box Office at 610.644.3500 to renew. Keep in mind that you can only retain your seats from season to season with the purchase of a full subscription (6, 7, or 8 plays).

I never decided what to do with my subscription tickets from cancelled 2019/2020 Season productions. What should I do?

If we were unable to confirm your preferred course of action, we applied the outstanding balance of your unused tickets from the 19/20 season to a People's Light gift certificate, which should arrive by mail. You may use this gift certificate for any performance during any season in the future--it never expires. If you would prefer to convert your balance into either a donation to the theatre or a refund back to you, please contact the Box Office at 610.644.3500 or

Can I keep my subscriber seats through 2021/2022 if I don’t renew this year?

Unfortunately, we cannot hold your seats through 2022. Please know that if you choose not to resubscribe to the 2020/2021 Season and decide to rejoin us in the future, we will do everything we can to prioritize your seating and arrange for you to be as close to your previous subscription seats as possible.

When will I receive my 2020/2021 Season tickets in the mail?

The exact mail date of your tickets is still fluid and dependent upon the announcement of the remaining production titles. They may arrive as soon as the fall and as late as February. We will inform you when we confirm an exact mailing date.

I booked with a group or purchased a group subscription. What should I do?

If you booked a season subscription through our Group Sales representative Kelly Benedict, you will be receiving a letter in the mail. All of the same action steps outlined here apply to you, and you are eligible to downgrade, upgrade, exchange, or refund your subscription.

What about my seats?

We will strive to meet your seating needs, but might be required to adjust for social distancing. 

Other Questions
When will single tickets go on sale?

Single tickets to staged productions will likely be on sale in December 2020 or January 2021. We will keep you posted about an exact date once we know more.

Will there still be a holiday show?

With concerns about a possible second wave of COVID-19, we will not stage any holiday productions, but hope to offer a digitally streamed Holiday Concert, and possibly another filmed production or virtual event.

Where can I find information about how People's Light is responding to COVID-19 through health and safety protocols?

Please visit our Health and Safety page, which we will continue to update as the situation evolves.

When will the Box Office reopen for in-person transactions/interactions?

While we’re monitoring the health situation on a day-by-day basis, we’re aiming to reopen our box office between January and February of 2021. We will let you know when we have an official date. We miss you, and look forward to greeting you in person when it’s safe to do so!

What happens next?

We hope to announce the titles and open ticket sales for our digitally-streamed events sometime in the fall. We will reach out to our subscribers at this time to discuss options in more detail. If you are a subscriber, there is no need to take any action now unless you prefer to do so. 

By December 2020 we will announce the title of the TBD Spring staged production.

Single tickets to Walden, Personality: The Lloyd Price Musical, our TBD Spring production, Steel Magnolias, and Sherlock Holmes and the Raven’s Curse will go on sale in December 2020 or January 2021.

We hope for a safe return to live theatre in March 2021. 

If you have immediate questions that are not answered in these FAQs or need to make decisions about your subscription before September, you can contact the Box Office Monday-Friday, 12pm-5pm at 610.644.3500 or We are still working remotely and fielding a large volume of inquiries, so we appreciate your patience.

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