Resident Dramaturg Gina Pisasale hosts André Ward as her guest for Scoop, a casual conversation before every Wednesday evening performance. In Colman Domingo's Dot André plays Donnie, a playwright dealing with his own marital problems as he clashes with his sisters over how best to care for their proud, independent mother.


Gina: Have you worked with Colman before? What are you looking forward to?

A: I’ve never worked with Colman before, although we met years ago. When I read the play I was just in awe of the beauty and relatability in the writing. Now to work with Colman as a director is so joyous because I feel so safe and taken care of. I can succeed and fail in rehearsal and know he’s always got me and will guide me in the right direction for the play. 

I’m looking forward to sharing how this family is absolutely trying to connect and love each other. (Sometimes in trying to connect they miss one another and it can be sad or quite funny.)


Gina: What has been the most fun in the rehearsal process so far?

A: Doing a run through of the show as fast as we could go one day in rehearsal was so much fun. It was amazingly informative and helpful for pace and the way that these characters speak without really thinking first.


Gina and André invite you to Scoop every Wednesday evening to find out more about the process of creating this production. Hear stories from behind the scenes, learn about Colman's inspiration for writing this play, and much more – while sharing snacks and conversation with an intimate group of fellow theatre-lovers.

Scoop starts at 6pm in the Congdon Center Library on the dates below. Add it to your ticket for $5 when purchasing Dot online, buy separately (you can even come to discuss the show after you've seen it, without having to stay for another performance) or call the Box Office at 610.644.3500.

Scoop dates for Dot: September 25; October 9 & 16