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The 2019/2020 Season

Next season marks 45 years of great theatre at People's Light. Critically-acclaimed contemporary dramas, delightful comedies, new modes of music-infused storytelling, and a brand new holiday panto will captivate you throughout the year.

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Written & Directed by Colman Domingo
September 18 - October 20, 2019
Steinbright Stage

A West Philly family gathers for the holidays in Colman Domingo's hilarious, heartfelt, and “thoroughly entertaining comedy-drama” (The New York Times). Dotty's memory is slipping and her three children – an overwhelmed attorney, a gay playwright with marital problems, and an aspiring actress hoping to appear on Celebrity Mud Fight – clash over how best to care for the proud, lovable matriarch. You might remember Colman Domingo as the co-creator of our 2017 world premiere play, Lights Out: Nat King Coleor have seen him on AMC's Fear the Walking Dead

Recommended for ages 13+ due to adult situations and profanity


Little Red Robin Hood: A Musical Panto

By Kathryn Petersen
Music & Lyrics by Michael Ogborn
Directed by Bill Fennelly
November 13, 2019 - January 5, 2020
Leonard C. Haas Stage

"One humdinger of a story!"


Fairytales collide in our brand new holiday panto — Robin Hood is dead, his merry men are in hiding, and Nottinghamshire is taken over by a greedy villainess. (Gasp!) Can a new hero, or heroine, emerge from Sherwood Forest and save the day? Set in the 1940s with a dash of the medieval, this hilarious, musical mashup is our most inventive panto yet. (What's a panto, you say? Find out here!)

Recommended for all ages


The Children

By Lucy Kirkwood
Directed by Abigail Adams
January 15 - February 9, 2020
Steinbright Stage

2018 Tony Award Nominee

Hazel and Robin, both retired nuclear physicists, live a quiet life in a cottage by the sea. Outside, the world is plagued by earthquakes, tsunamis, and a nuclear meltdown. When an old colleague turns up after forty years with a shocking request, the three friends must reckon with their shared culpability in this “astonishing and thrilling” (The New York Times) disaster drama.

Recommended for ages 13+ due to mature themes and profanity


Shakespeare in Love

A stage adaptation of the 1998 Academy Award-winning romantic comedy

Based on the screenplay by Marc Norman & Tom Stoppard
Adapted for the stage by Lee Hall
Directed by Matt Pfeiffer
February 26 - March 29, 2020
Leonard C. Haas Stage

"Shall I compare thee to a...sum...a sum...a something something."

Will Shakespeare has writer’s block. Low on funds and out of ideas, the young playwright finds his muse in Viola de Lesseps, a beautiful, intelligent noblewoman with dreams of the stage. Will and Viola begin a passionate affair that becomes inspiration for Shakespeare’s next play, Romeo and Juliet. 

Recommended for ages 13+ due to mild sexual situations and some profanity 


Hold These Truths

A solo play inspired by the true story of Gordon Hirabayashi

By Jeanne Sakata
March 18 - April 19, 2020
Steinbright Stage

"Surprisingly humorous and openhearted." - The Seattle Times

University of Washington student Gordon Hirabayashi struggles to reconcile his fervent belief in the U.S. Constitution with the government’s orders to incarcerate all people of Japanese ancestry on the West Coast, leading to the 1943 Supreme Court case, Hirabayashi v. United States.

Recommended for ages 10+ due to mature themes 


Bayard Rustin: Inside Ashland

Written & Directed by Steve H. Broadnax III
May 13 - June 7, 2020
Leonard C. Haas Stage

"We need, in every community, a group of angelic troublemakers."

Chief organizer of the 1963 March on Washington and openly gay Civil Rights activist, Bayard Rustin was nearly written out of the history books. This world premiere musical play soars with African-American spirituals and offers a glimpse into a transformative moment for young Rustin — his 1944 prison sentence in Ashland, Kentucky. As he incites nonviolent protests against prisoner segregation and refuses to hide his sexuality, Rustin is branded a “troublemaker." And did you know? Bayard Rustin was born and raised in nearby West Chester, PA.

Recommended for ages 17+ due to explicit sexual language, brief nudity, and adult themes


Mary Jane

By Amy Herzog
Directed by Giovanna Sardelli
June 24 - July 19, 2020
Steinbright Stage

"Beautiful" - The New Yorker

"Profound" - The New York Times

"Poignant" - Washington Post

"Must-see theater" - Variety

Mary Jane, a single mother with a chronically ill two-year-old son, draws strength from the community of women surrounding her. Pulitzer Prize Finalist Amy Herzog’s new play is a lovely, intimate portrait of a bright young woman navigating her role as caregiver with openness and grace.

Recommended for ages 13+ due to mature themes and profanity


Stay tuned...

Our eighth and final production in the 19/20 Season will be announced later this Spring. We're excited about a few different possibilities, but not ready to share just yet! 

August 5 - August 30, 2020
Leonard C. Haas Stage


Actors, prices, productions, performance dates and times are subject to change.

13 Nov 19—05 Jan 2020
Little Red Robin Hood: A Musical Panto
"One humdinger of a story!"