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A Number
May 15 June 9
In the near future...

three identical sons confront their father over past misdeeds, with shocking consequences. From Caryl Churchill, one of the world's greatest living playwrights, comes a "stunning" (The New York Times) and suspenseful exploration of identity, parenthood, and the ethics of human cloning. 

What's Interesting:

  • A Number is a thrilling and fast-paced 65-minute play, featuring two actors playing four characters.
  • Though not dystopian, it takes place in a near-future version of our society in which human cloning is possible. Think: Netflix’s Black Mirror or The Twilight Zone.  
  • A Number debuted at the Royal Court Theatre in London in 2002, starring Michael Gambon and Daniel Craig.
  • Playwright Caryl Churchill is known for experimental theatre that tackles the sociopolitical themes of the day. The play was written during a time of public controversy and debate over the ethics of cloning.
  • Churchill is still living, and widely considered one of the greatest British dramatists of the last century


Recommended for ages 12+. No intermission.

May 15-June 9, 2019 By Caryl Churchill Leonard C. Haas Stage