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  • Accessible Venues

    At People’s Light, we aim to make our campus and programming accessible and enjoyable to everyone through a range of accommodations and resources.

    Every venue and facility at People's Light is wheelchair-accessible. Contact the Box Office with questions at 610.644.3500, or learn more below:

    Wheelchair Access
  • Audio & Visual Aids

    We have a range of devices and support freely available for the use of our patrons, including Audio Devices & T-Coil Loops, Fidgets & noise-canceling headphones, ASL interpreters at some performances, and Audio Descriptions. Please see details below:

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Open Caption

In Open Caption Performances, the actors’ lines appear on a small LED screen near the stage as they speak. Open Caption can benefit patrons with hearing impairments, as well as those who are learning English.

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Relaxed Performances

A welcoming environment that lets our patrons express themselves freely, without judgment or inhibition. These live theatre experiences invite and encourage individuals with autism, ADD, ADHD, dementia and sensory sensitivities to enjoy the performance in our “shush-free” zone.