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the Jubilee Campaign
50th Anniversary - 2024
Looking ahead to our 50th Anniversary in 2024, we dare to envision the largest possible future for People’s Light.

Theatre will always remain at our center, but it’s no longer enough simply to make plays. We need to address the many challenges we face as political and social climates shift, patrons age, attendance falls, facilities wear out, contributed income drops, communication methods morph, and cultural engagement redefines itself.

We have three goals.

  • We want to attract larger and more diverse audiences.
  • We want to offer programming that stretches, surprises, and provides multiple point of access.
  • We want to raise earned income and develop a greater variety of revenue sources to help ensure our financial future.

These actions will allow us to provide guests of all backgrounds a gathering place to explore, celebrate, strengthen our shared understanding of one another, and gain courage to shape our mutual future. We feel ready to transform to a vibrant cultural and civic center with theatre at its core.

Supporting four areas of activity
  • Create excellent theatre and initiatives for youth
  • Develop new patrons and retain current patrons
  • Recruit and sustain the best people
  • Enhance our campus
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