Our parking lot had quite an eventful summer. As our Production department was busy transforming the back lot into a fully-functioning venue for drive-in concerts, the Steinbright lot got a little construction project of its own: a very long-awaited turnaround!

Yes, the rumors are true. The frustrating dead-end in front of the Congdon Center (home to our administrative offices, rehearsal spaces, and the Steinbright theatre) is no more! That tricky corner has long been the bane of theatregoers, postal service workers, and W.B. Mason delivery trucks alike. For years, adding a turnaround has been on our wishlist of improvements to make our campus more accessible for all, but making it happen wasn't quite as easy as calling up a construction crew and bulldozing through the grassy median. We had to figure out how to work around an inconveniently-located drainage system – and how to complete a major renovation in front of a building that normally hosts rehearsals, performances, workshops, classes, and meetings all year long.

Cue a global pandemic. None of us welcomed the eerie silence in our buildings during these long months, but reduced traffic gave us an opportunity to finally get this thing done. And the rest is history!

Turnaround in progress, pre-paving. Photos courtesy of field correspondent (otherwise known as Accounting Associate) Jim Anderson.

Whenever we can safely welcome audiences back to our theatre, the parking lot will be fully ready for you. And the next time you swing by People's Light to pick up contactless takeout or take an outdoor dance class with your little ones, feel free to give the finished turnaround a test drive – no 3-point turns necessary!