If you didn't know, the People's Light Marketing team has a penchant for theme parties of all kinds, be it Star Wars, vampires, or Jane Austen. But if we do say so ourselves, we are EXPERTS at one theme in particular: a little known book series about a young wizard's school-time adventures. With Halloween just around the corner, we're sharing tips on how to throw the ultimate workplace wizarding bash. 



A Harry Potter Halloween party is nothing without costumes, and there are plenty of great characters to choose from!

Some of you might have go-to standard HP costumes at the ready (I mean, who doesn't?) but don't be afraid to venture off the beaten path and DIY. Here are some faves from a recent HP-party right here at People's Light. 

Pro tip: We've found that muggles and wizards alike can be reticent to dress up for workplace theme parties. It's best to encourage costumes with a sign-up sheet in advance. This alleviates the fear of being the only person who shows up to the office in flowing wizard robes or Quidditch gear. 

Food + Drinks

J.K. Rowling's source material is rife with descriptions of delicious wizarding treats. You just need a few Harry Potter staples to go along with your standard muggle party fare. 


Your #1 priority is Butterbeer, which we definitely recommend testing in advance. Try this non-alcoholic recipe, or a more adult concoction. These are two of the easier recipes out there, with plenty more to choose from. Get to googling and you'll find a Butterbeer that's right for your time and budget. 

Chocolate frog, anyone? You can dip any gummy frogs into melted chocolate, or create solid chocolate frogs with this mold from Amazon. We recommend melting down Hersey's Kisses or chocolate chips because you can buy those in bulk. Whatever you choose, microwave the chocolate only 30 seconds at a time, stirring each time, to avoid overcooking. If the chocolate starts to bubble (double, double, toil, and trouble...) it's too hot. 

Licorice Wands! What you'll need: Twizzlers, chocolate chips, & rainbow sprinkles 

1. Melt chocolate chips in microwave on high for 30 second intervals until melted
2. Dip Twizzler into melted chocolate and immediately sprinkle with rainbow sprinkles 
3. Place onto wax paper on a plate to dry
4. Store your licorice wands in the refrigerator to harden
5. Remove sticks from wax paper, serve, and enjoy!

The internet is full of downloadable labels to turn your everyday beverages into magical brews. Cranberry juice becomes a powerful love potion, that Poland Spring bottle now holds gillywater, and your lemonade is magically transformed into liquid luck! 

Decor + Activities 

It's all in the details.

Floating candles are a really nice touch, but can be tricky. This budget-friendly idea uses empty toilet paper rolls, battery-powered tea lights, and fishing wire. Or opt for a more refined look with beautiful hanging orbs. 

If you have the budget, Etsy and Amazon are your best friends. But there are lots of ways to DIY. Create your own sorting hat, Hogwarts acceptance letters, and, if you're artistically inclined, Hogwarts house banners. And obviously hit up your Harry Potter-obsessed friends for all their Wizarding World memorabilia. 

Photoshop Magic

Make Colin Creevey proud. Photos are a must, but some creative editing will take your shots to the next (Ordinary Wizarding) level.

Finite incantatem.