Early December brought our first ever Harmony Lab "Jam Session". With the support of The Independence Foundation, we launched the People's Light Harmony Lab program to incubate a mix of new music driven theatre pieces. We invited ten teams of musicians and theater-makers to conceive and develop a project of their choice.

Last month, these teams from the Philly region and around the country gathered at People's Light for a Jam Session - three days of conversation, writing, and musical sharings. Artists in attendance included David Bradley, Elijah Bridges, Angel Desai, Titus Tompkins, Zak Berkman, Stuart Carden, Mary Tuomanen, Jonatha Brooke, Katie Deal, Jacqueline Goldfinger, Bill Fennelly, Christina Ham, Jackson Gay, Lucas Papaelias, Jamie Mohamdein, Rob Chikar, Matt Graff, Nick Hussong, Jane Gillman, and David and Sherry Lutken.

Among these music-driven theatre projects is Such Things As Vampires: A Punk-Folk Dracula Inoculation, an innovative spin on the classic tale by Zak Berkman, Stuart Carden, Jessie Fisher, and Mary Tuomanen. This team of Philadelphia and Chicago based artists will develop this mash-up of concert and passion play throughout 2018 towards a world premiere in our 2018-2019 Season.

New Plays