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Dec 22, 2020
Update on EDI and Antiracist Work at People’s Light
In May 2020, an enduring 8-minutes-and-46-seconds-long moment reminded us yet again of the steadfast, malignant, and...
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Dec 21, 2020
Behind the Scenes: A Christmas Carol in Concert
If any year was in need of a truly epic redemption arc, it would be 2020. Before the pandemic, we intended the world...
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Nov 09, 2020
Remembering Graham Smith
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Sep 16, 2020
Doing a 180
Our parking lot had quite an eventful summer. As our Production department was busy transforming the back lot into a...
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Aug 06, 2020
Domestic Blitz | Part 3
Art project #6,000,001 at the Goldfinger household. Domestic Blitz is a series of dispatches from parent-artists...
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Jun 30, 2020
Behind the Scenes of a Virtual Hootenanny
Photo: Sound Engineer Brent Hoyer sits in our makeshift audio command center. Stage Manager Kate Fossner (on screen)...
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Jun 24, 2020
Domestic Blitz | Part 2
SULI HOLUM is an award-winning, Philadelphia-based theatre artist whose time is full to the brim with directing...
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May 28, 2020
Welcome to Domestic Blitz
In Resident Dramaturg Gina Pisasale's house, Euna and Noah stay in one place for just long enough to watch David...
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