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Staff Directory

You may contact the Administrative Office on 610.647.1900 or use a direct extension for one of the staff members listed below.

Executive Leadership
Abigail Adams Artistic Director & CEO
Ext. 124
Ellen Anderson General Manager & CFO
Ext. 107
Zak Berkman Producing Director
Ext. 118
Samantha Reading Resident Director
Ext. 123
Gina Pisasale Resident Dramaturg
Ext. 186
Arts Discovery
Kathryn Moroney Director of Education & Civic Practice
Ext. 137
Nadira Beard Resident Teaching Artist
Ext. 137
Erin Sheffield General Manager
Ext. 121
Lesa Franz Accounting Manager
Ext. 106
Catherine Kilburn Accounting Associate
Ext. 196
Matt Lazorwitz Director of IT & Data Insight
Ext. 105
Grace Grillet Administrative Consultant
Ext. 122
Geri Nonnewitz IT and Administrative Assistant
Patron Services
Jane MacManus Patron Services Manager
Ext. 181
Eve Trojanov Box Office Manager
Ext. 119
Amanda Frangoulis Front of House Manager & Intern Coordinator
Ext. 191
Audience Engagement / Communications
Rosemary Devine Director of Marketing & Communications
Ext. 113
Tori Harvey Design & Digital Manager
Ext. 120
Kelly Benedict Group Sales Associate
Ext. 111
Levi Zoe Gray Marketing Assistant
Ext. 104
Dave Clemens Sales Representative
Ext. 141
Karen Harlin Sales Representative
Michell Muldoon Sales Representative
Ext. 188
Jane P. Moss Director of Development
Ext. 102
Jennifer Mullen Development Manager
Ext. 115
Megan Lea Development Operations Coordinator
Ext. 133
Dawn Elyse Warden Director of Corporate Relations & Special Events
Ext. 103
Vyn Davis Development Assistant
Community Investment
Marcie Bramucci Director of Community Investment
Ext. 143
Leigh Jackson Community Ambassador
Charles T. Brastow Director of Production
Ext. 125
Joe Franz Technical Director
Ext. 128
Dylan Jamison Assistant Technical Director
Ext. 127
Eric Lang Scenic Carpenter
Ext. 127
Anna McGahey Webb Scenic Charge
Ext. 127
Sarah Pierce Properties Master
Ext. 129
Danielle FitzGeorge Assistant Properties Master
Ext. 129
Gregory Scott Miller Master Electrician
Ext. 136
Melissa Dembski-Sullivan Assistant Master Electrician
Ext. 136
Brent Hoyer Sound Engineer
Ext. 127
Kate McSorley Fossner Production Stage Manager
Marla J. Jurglanis Costume Shop Manager
Ext. 131
Leigh Paradise Cutter/Draper
Ext. 131
Bridget Brennan Wardrobe Supervisor
Ext. 131
Claire Inie-Richards Costume Staff
Ext. 131
Minou Pourshariati Costume Staff
Ext. 131
Stephen Barnaik Facilities Manager
Ext. 135
Farmhouse / Catering
Shawn Stone Director of Sales, Marketing & Business Development for The Farmhouse
Ext. 156
Bob Anderson Sales and Catering Team
Ext. 156